In the current climate surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak we are mindful that we need to keep our staff and our customers as safe as is humanly possible.


We understand that this is going to be very difficult for all concerned.


We will be remaining open unless instructed otherwise but ask that anybody who is in any way symptomatic does not appear in person.


We will do our utmost to make sure that we serve your needs as best we can, particularly where there are urgent needs for repairs for medical professionals or those involved in the manufacture of vital items.


We can also be contacted on the mobile numbers below and on


Welcome to Electromotors (Coil Manufacturing ) Ltd.

We take great pride in being considered to be passionate and determined in what we do. PJ McDonnell started this adventure in 1952 and many people in Ireland have discovered that we are indeed problem-solvers. We have a long history of practical hands-on experience and expertise in MANY, MANY types of machinery, both electrical and mechanical.


We would like to present our new website to you in the hope that it will assist you in your endeavours to solve YOUR problem. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to get you from a problem to a solution. We welcome all comments, both positive and constructive in our attempts to make this site as useful as possible.

You will see a collage of all the people who we consider to be our colleagues in this endeavour, at the bottom of this, and all our pages. 

We value their longstanding cooperation and would encourage you to visit their websites if they can help you further.

Our contact numbers are as follows:

Office 01 – 830 9155      Peter 0872 647 115      Robbie 0857 462 458     Rob 0879 008 546

Alternatively, you may wish to contact us by email at