DC Motor Overhaul

DC Motors are, by their very nature, prone to wear and tear much more than their equivalents in AC.

There are more mechanical parts that need regular, and careful, inspection and maintenance to ensure successful operation – in particular Carbon Brushes and Commutators.


We at Electromotors pride ourselves on our experience in successfully rejuvenating such machines and restoring them to their original glory. We have the expertise and machinery required to carry out such repairs to a very high standard, both to DC and also to AC commutator motors.

worn commutator On the left is a photo of a commutator that displays a certain amount of normal wear and has a “patina” left behind by the Carbon Brush running on its suface.

Below is a similar photo which displays a lot of wear caused by prolonged operation. This commutator is now in need of remedial action in the form of a “skim and undercut” where the commutator is skimmed to a level surface and the mica between the bars is undercut to ensure that the surface is below the copper to prevent damage to the replacement carbon brushes which would be recommended at this stage also.


Badly worn commutator


Following these procedures the armature is “drop-tested” to ensure that the

re are no open-circuits, short-circuits or earth faults.