Fan Deck Repair Service



Fan Coil Units Repair and replacement.

As a matter of course we replace the complete motor when repairing these units. The difficulty and time involved in removing and refitting these units means that when they ARE replaced that there will be substantial life before further maintenance is required.

We made this decision a very long time ago and stand by our decision.Our facilities maintenance customers in general agree with this standpoint.

Replacing bearings in these units is simply NOT cost-effective. Do it once and do it right is the motto here!


Depending on the volume of air required in the application, these units come as single blower, double blower, triple blower and even quadruple blower, driven by one or more multi-speed motors. We can source quality replacement motors that are identical to the originals to allow for seamless retrofitting.


We can also source complete fan-deck units to include trays, fan-housings with impellers and motors. We also can have these custom made to your design.