Motor Rewind

RewindHaving craftsmen that have learned and honed their trade over many , many years is a long-standing tradition with Electromotors. We are proud of the fact that many homes have been built and many families brought up on this tradition where people come … and stay … with Electromotors.

In modern times the necessity for rewinding small motors has almost disappeared due to the combined influences of cheaply available replacement motors, stocks held for such eventualities by machine manufacturers and the usually expensive repairs that result when the first two don’t succeed.

We at Electromotors realise that this is the case. We are not great believers in replacing with inferior items and would sooner quote a reasonable price for repairing and restoring well-made original equipment to its former glory.

Throughout Ireland there are many maintenance personnel that share this opinion and we are renowned for preserving their traditions and particularly when it comes to some of the finer-made British and American originals.


We invite you to look at the sample portfolio of repairs and rewinds that we have undertaken in recent times – most if not ALL that has proven to be the correct decision!